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MARS KASEI – 40% – 70CL


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Deriving  from  the  blending  of  different  barrels, Kasei, which  means  Mars  in  Japanese,  is  a  whisky  of  malt  and  grain  imbued  with softness and  roundness.

A true ambassador of Japanese style whisky.

Kasei embodies the poetry of Japan, where notes of white flower infuse with aromas  of  ripe  fruit It leaves in its wake a light touch of  smoke that gives this whisky a particular character.


PROFILE: Intense and rich


NOSE: White flowers and ripe fruit with a little smoke.


PALATE: Warm honey note, green apples and white grapes.


FINISH: Opulent citrus and vanilla.


We say its a really rich very elegant tasting whisky from the Mars Shinshu Distillery.

Fruity rich with a warming soft sweet applewood smoke, vanilla and creamed caramel waffle wafers, the citrus notes keep the palate going with lots of flavour. 

All in all a must have from Japan.

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