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RUM BRAZIL BMC from EPRIS DISTILLERY 1999 15Y/O 45.4% Single Cask


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If you want smooth rum that’s out of the normal rum region then you need to try this little dram. 

A top taste in the tasting room that takes everyone by surprise. 

NOSE: Starts earthy and then becomes fresh and fruity like a Bakewell tart and a hint of cherries make this rum lift from the glass to the nose.

PALATE: Very creamy to begin with, then dried fruits race over the tongue as raisins and sultanas move across the whole palate this rum similar to an ice wine across the final part of the middle palate. It’s really rather good.

FINISH: Medium fairly dry fruity finish that lifts the palate from the nose to the very end of the dram with a creamy cream and honey and quite oily. This is an after dinner rum that is perfect with desert or a cheese selection. 

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