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GIN – MARY-LE-BONE 50.2% Vol London Dry Gin


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Locally distilled Gin with a sublime orange fondant note that delivers across the palate.

Drinkable straight from the bottle to the glass without a mixer or with a fine tonic and ice.

13 Botanicals go into this Gin made on a small still a few streets away from the shop. We are proud to stock this gin in our store

NOSE: very fruity with orange notes and a slight creamy edge. Juniper and even more citrus notes start to come in as this gin sits in the glass. 

PALATE: incredible with smooth lemon notes more of that delightful orange but with a whipped fondant texture as the gin unfolds across the palate with ease and sheer elegance.

FINISH: like the nose and palate is stunning with cloves and lime followed by a sweet yet spicy juniper freshness that makes this gin linger. A class act from start to finish.

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