• STRATHISLA 1997 19 54.9% 70CL SINGLE CASK 214 Bottles

STRATHISLA 1997 19 54.9% 70CL SINGLE CASK 214 Bottles

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This dram is becoming iconic in London 

Let's now head to one of the most iconic distilleries in Speyside, whiskies from Strathisla are famous for the elegance and smooth taste ranges that come from this truly amazing distillery that is a firm favorite here in London's Cadenhead's Shop. 

Bourbon oak cask matured 19 years old has a few surprises in store as it delivers smooth yet full bodied rich malt. 

This dram is going into the tasting room the moment it arrives in the store! One of those drams everyone should have once in a lifetime. 


Nose A stunning nose that has me hooked from the second I opened the bottle. A rich smooth Honey note is balanced with caramel, peaches in syrup lift the nose a little more along with Star anise and nutmeg.
Palate Ok now i am stuck to list how smooth this is with-out being too gushing. A sweet mid palate starts off with Lychee then it's a freshness across the whole palate with strawberry plants and marzipan. Add some vanilla notes like custard creams and butterscotch with a faint cinnamon.
Finish All good drams must come to an end I guess! Hints of cardamon and white chocolate, faint hint of cloves, dried candied bananas all wrapped up in vanilla ice cream end this really delightful dram that has given us a lot of fun tasting time and time again ahead of the release.
Availability London
Region Scotland