• GLENFARCLAS 1988 28 53.0% 70CL SINGLE CASK 210 Bottles

GLENFARCLAS 1988 28 53.0% 70CL SINGLE CASK 210 Bottles

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SOLD OUT SORRY Another classic vintage hit's our range and no doubt will be highly prized by those lucky enough to grab one of theses rare Vintage Glenfarclas 1988 vintage aged 28 years 

Due to hight demand this is Limited to 1 Bottle per customer sorry 


Nose The Nose is citrus like with some fresh Grapefruit and tangy lime, some balanced aromas of vanilla and coconuts a sweet syrup note binds them all together.
Palate Can't escape the patisserie just yet as a lovely Soft oakiness coats the palate, the it's fresh baked gingerbread and salted butter some caramel honey notes with dried fruits and raspberry yoghurt. (And I am still not feeling like I have over indulged)
Finish The finish like the Nose and Mid Plate is everything with a Thick and chewy caramel cream edge, lots of fresh Churned soft chewy toffee, spiced apples, then a really nice final flip of flavours with pickles and faint aniseed. Well worth the wait for another Glenfarclas
Availability London
Region Scotland