• GLEN SPEY 2001 16 55.4% - 70CL - BOURBON HOGSHEAD CASK of 282 Bottles

GLEN SPEY 2001 16 55.4% - 70CL - BOURBON HOGSHEAD CASK of 282 Bottles

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What a great dram with a growing richness that keeps you hooked. A classic old style dram that some will recall from the styles of the mid 1990's 

What a great dram this has turned out to be! With the most surprising palate of any whisky below 18 years old we have in the shop for the winter 2017/18 season. 


Nose The Nose is rich with some butterscotch, quite grassy with almond butter and pine needles. With whipped toffee fudge notes and hints of orange maybe!
Palate The Palate has delivered a nice balance Chocolate chip cookies, more butterscotch, fennel and pear skins. From the moment it hits the palate this dram is alive with flavour that like it's older sibling draws you in, this dram is driving across the palate dropping off one flavour after another. Sublime fruity toffee flavours with a slight citrus fondant note.
Finish The Finish is Light spice giving way to toffee and ground pepper. A growing richness flows in as this dram has opened up. It's such a superb dram with a rich complex palate, enjoyable for everyone on the London tasting panel.
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