• SPIRIT OF FREEDOM 'THE 62' EDITION 43% VOL - 70CL - Blended Scotch

SPIRIT OF FREEDOM 'THE 62' EDITION 43% VOL - 70CL - Blended Scotch

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Sprit of freedom blended Scotch 

Made by J&A Mitchell Scotland's Oldest Independent Family owned distillery Springbank established 1828 

The name says it all about the whisky and the company but this one is different due to it's label showing the EU flag. 

The back label points out that Scotland Voted 62% to stay in the EU, because the rest of the UK voted to leave Scotland is being forced out of the EU (As is London and a number of other regions) 

This blend is made using whiskies from 62 sottish distilleries to mark the ballot of 2016 


Nose A lovely introduction to this whisky; sweet and fresh with a minty background. It then becomes really fruity with apricots, bananas and pears.
Palate A light and easy-drinking dram.The fruity theme continues with melon and raspberries, combined with vanilla cream; a Scottish malty panna cotta.
Finish You’ll want to share it with your pals or then again, maybe better to keep it to yourself, it’s very moreish and buttery.
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Region Scotland