• NORTH BRITISH 28yo (1989) 59.5% - 70CL - Bourbon Barrel - Single Cask Grain

NORTH BRITISH 28yo (1989) 59.5% - 70CL - Bourbon Barrel - Single Cask Grain

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Established 1885 by Andrew Usher, William Sanderson & John Crabbie. The first whisky off the stills was 1887. 

168 Bottles in the world 

We have a few people randomly selected to try whiskies before they come out called the LTP or London Tasting Panel, as we like to challenge peoples palates to try something new we have a lot of 100% blind taste sessions to see if people like a dram especially those they say they don't like! 

This dram like so many other single grains was mistaken for the Single Malt one person even thinking it was from a closed distillery!! 


Nose Nose: Strawberries with cream then hard boil sweets. London Tasting Panel (LTP) The nose has been described as a lucky bag of sweets to a sublime summer fruity compote with all agreed strawberries and cream along with the sweets is spot on!
Palate Taste: Custard slice, salted caramel and pumpkin seed. (LTP) Blind tasting this dram thought Lowland for sure with a soft chewy vanilla and spice, some subtle citrus spice notes.
Finish Finish: Vanilla ice cream then toasted rye bread gives a little spice in the end. (LTP) All agreed about the finish what more can we add but too say this is possibly one of the best grains we have tasted.
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Region LOWLANDS Grain