• RUM BARBADOS 2003 13 Y/Old 46% 70CL Green Label Rum

RUM BARBADOS 2003 13 Y/Old 46% 70CL Green Label Rum

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 As we start the new year 2017 we have decided to bring forward our Rum selection, what better way to star than with this smooth rum from Barbados 



Nose NOSE: Rich fruity nose of sweet juicy Pineapple with lots of other rich fruity notes, and a rich nutty chocolate, summer rose petals with brambles and a rich vanilla like note of custard cream cookies.
Palate The palate: is amazing with a much bigger profile than expected from the nose with a spicy note to start with fresh coffee beans rich chocolate, stewed fruits with soft nougat and sweet cherries.
Finish The finish: is a continuation of the main mid palate with the spices and a rich mouth coating creaminess. A final zesty sweet orange with some rich chocolate and candied dried fruits. The finish is a sublime experience for those who want to discover rum or the seasoned drinker, we can all learn something can't we!
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