• BLENDED Whisky CAMPBELTOWN LOCH  21 Year Old - 70cl / 46%

BLENDED Whisky CAMPBELTOWN LOCH 21 Year Old - 70cl / 46%

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I am sure you will all have read many a tasting note about the blends made at Springbank over the years with many saying you can tell it's a springbank blend with that classic springbank malt in the mix! Well no you can't taste Springbank in the blends, well we do have one confession we did add a little to this dram, a whole tablespoon was added to the vatting of this blend that went into the 9,000 bottles. 

So when you see a tasting note saying you can taste Springbank in this maybe they can!! 


Nose Incredibly complex. Sweet with notes of malt and cereal at first, giving way to rich, ripe fruits, soft peaches and orange marmalade. A drop of water brings out butterscotch and pears. Some hints of the coast come into play but ever so soft.
Palate The sweetness from the nose is still very much in evidence. A full-bodied whisky with honey, marzipan and nougat to the fore. A little bit of vanilla ice cream and rhubarb sweets develop over time. The mid palate is a real treat seems endless at times
Finish The finish is so good you will want more as it delivers a rich, sweet, fruity note that hangs on with some creamy oily richness making this dram one of the best deluxe blends on the market and very well balanced what more could you ask for.
Availability Blended Whisky
Region Scotland