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As the world finds less and less age stated malts, Cadenhead’s are still ageing casks for the future that unlike others will have a vintage rather than some mythical name for young whiskies charged at ever premium prices. It’s our 175 years of experience as Scotland’s oldest independent bottler that gives us the determination and drive to constantly deliver the great ranges that we do time and time again.

Springbank, Scotland’s oldest family run and owned distillery, established 1828 in Campbeltown on the site of the families illicit distillery dating back to the mid 1660’s. Springbank unlike others, carries out 100% of the production on-site – from the malting of the barley to the bottling of the aged product.

Like Cadenhead’s they have never used added colour nor do they chill filter the whisky, a common practice with the bigger companies after watering down whisky below 46% to avoid it going cloudy when cold!

Springbank is a unique distillery in so many ways. Not only do they make the world famous Springbank at the distillery but they also make Longrow, a heavily peated 48 hour peat dried barley double distill malt, and Hazelburn, a much lighter triple distill malt made using un-peated malt. Springbank is the only single malt that is distilled 2.5 times through reduction with a 6 hour peat dried barley with 24 hours warm air to finish the drying process.

The Glengyle distillery is the Oldest ‘new’ distillery in Scotland. Glengyle distillery make a single malt called Kilkerran. The distillery was rebuilt from the inside out, with the fist official distillation taking place on March 25th 2004. 2016 will see the first aged dated distillery bottling of a 12 year old hit the market. Over the last few years we have been issuing a series called work in progress with ages from 5-11 years old, all selling out in record time.

Our shop and Tasting Rooms can be found on one of ‘London’s Coolest Streets’ as voted for by Conde Nast Traveller USA. It’s a fantastic area with lots of fabulous independent retailers specialising in fashion, art, jewellery and of course, in our case, Whisky! But we haven’t always been here…

The original shop opened on May 5th 1995 at No3 Russell Street Covent Garden with the name Covent Garden Whisky Shop. The store was one square room with old wooden crates and casks along with the famous Black Board listing the range of single cask malts in regional colours.

The store became a huge hit with tour guides, bringing people along to see the Springbank 1919 bottle that cost £4,500 at the time, a price unheard of for a bottle of whisky, as bottles sold so the remaining stocks went up in price reaching over £50,000 by the time we moved from the original site to the new shop at 26 Chiltern Street.

The move to Chiltern Street was completed by September 2008. The new shop had a lot more space than Covent Garden, so we decided to install a full time tasting room on the lower ground floor along with a small tasting lounge on the first floor.

Chiltern Street was a quiet unremarkable shopping street ideal to look again at how we and indeed retail works as a whole, for our part we decided to obviously expand the range but with a few selected commercial bottling’s that would sit well with the single cask ranges we are known for the world over.

When people look through they initially see the main Scottish room, but after a few moments they realise the shop goes further back to reveal just how much whisky we have in this unique little shop.

Once you venture into the back sales room you will find international ranges and Cadenhead’s Rums. We’ve plans to add a more unique area dedicated to the now expanding Irish whiskey ranges that have made a much welcome return to the world of whiskies, so watch this space…

Another range that has people buzzing is world whiskies, such as those from Japan, India and France. We usually have something from each area but only if it’s different enough to make the grade, after all nothing can be as boring as one nation trying to copy another in the hope they can tail gate on the success of another!

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